Whoville & the Grinch

Dr. Seuss’s fantasyland of Whoville comes alive in this adaptation by the drama department of Escambia High School. Colorful holiday decorations and murals on the buidling of Brown, Thornton Pacenta & Company, P.A., the stop’s sponsor, create the illusion of enchanting Whoville. Against this backdrop, through song, dance, and audience interaction, the well-known story of the Grinch — whose heart is “two sizes too small”— and his rehabilitation is told. Their gifts snitched by the Grinch, the undaunted Whos tumble out of their crowded beds and foil the Grinch’s plot to “prevent Christmas from coming” by focusing on the true meaning of the holiday season, which they’ll share with you in song while surrounding the trolley. After his epiphany, the Grinch’s heart grew three times its size, and yours will too after experiencing this delightful, fantastical performance!